Mission: With a focus on the armed forces and local communities, we have a passion for education, empowerment, and advocacy for real estate ownership. Vision: We are here to guide the members of the armed forces and their local communities to financial freedom through real estate investment.

Our Core values:

  • Growth - We seek continual improvement
  • Innovation - We pursue the latest solutions every day
  • Proactivity - We work hard to stay on top of challenges
  • Enthusiasm - We strive to have energy and charisma to inspire others
  • Team - We focus on others with a selfless approach


How does Red Dot educate, empower, and advocate?


  • Everyone wants what’s best for them, so we help ensure that you’re getting what’s best for you.
  • Vendors like contractors, appraisers, and lenders can make transactions complicated. We navigate those relationships so you don’t have to.
  • We make knowledge simple and accessible. We help teach you investor strategies, statistical analysis, negotiation tactics, and lots more.
  • We empower you to think and act on a different level with a vision toward financial freedom.
  • We build relationships strategically so you get benefits that others can’t give you. That includes perks like a free moving truck, discounts, and extra warranties from companies we work with.